In High School I took drama and fell in love with the craft. I liked acting, but I knew that filmmaking was what I wanted to do. Jurassic Park was probably my first favorite film, but many more films have influenced me. Wally Pfister’s work is a more recent inspiration and pushes me to want to make more compelling and beautiful shots.

When I shoot a film or video, I like to take my time and frame my shots so that they fit visually with the emotion of the scene. I like making my shots look good, and instead of pointing the camera and recording, I like to play around with light and color to find a more visually appealing image.

As an artist, the need to express one’s self is imminent. This can be hard because you may see your work in one way but everyone else may take it and see something completely different. Being that my art can be interpreted differently my numerous people, it is important to make sure that it is something I love doing, and I do love what I’m doing. I love using film as a medium to express myself artistically and working my best to create beautiful and compelling images.

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